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Recently we noticed that some people who once took merely a few months' training at our school now claim themselves as experienced instructors. This happened both abroad and domestically. So we kindly remind all of you who want to learn Wing Chun do some background research about your instructors before it's too late.

The Grading system has been activated since Jul 10th in order to facilitate our school opening in Shenzhen and recruiting students from all over China. The system does not fully reveal one's level and qualification as the schedule for evaluation has not been set up yet and we can only classify the study period of students according to different colors. The preparation work was in such a hurry that we were not able to verify one by one. Therefore there must be something missing or imperfect as we carry it out. We hope you can understand and we promise to try our best to make improvements.

As our association is not a common martial club but dedicated to preserve Chinese culture and integrate Wing Chun Kung Fu, so every student has the obligation to contribute in coordinating the development of our association, our principles as well as Wing Chun Kung Fu and provide suggestions and help.

Grading System

1.Regarding the performance of students, knowledge of gestures,accuracy of testimony, if it corresponds to our rules.

2.Obedience to Instructors and class rules

3.Loyalty and contribution to the association

Your future development is closely correlated to the reputation of our association. All students shall not be indifferent or simply enjoy without any contribution. Therefore, our association will make decisions in grading students according to the three points listed above. What we are teaching now is the traditional style of Wing Chun. We will start

Ceremony of accepting new disciples

As many students have expressed their wishes to set up a closer relationship with me in the form of accepting them as new disciples, I have come to the decision to hold this ceremony on Oct 14th(Sunday) together with my birthday party. If any students wish to be accepted as a formal disciple, please contact Felix Hung or Andrew Tsang at 9025 9225 or 9312 6704 respectively before the end of August(deadline of application)

Dear Student Union

Now it is the right time for our association to have a holistic change for the contribution of Chinese martial arts in the wake of our previous proposals, plans and good foundation. Given the increasing numbers of students and the smooth running of our kung fu school, we plan to make further coordination for perfection. Recently, we have founded a "Student Union". It is encouraging to notice the increasing numbers of students in the union. Our students have a wealth of talents, with specialized skills in various sectors. If students can coordinate with our association, we will surely achieve better accomplishments that will not only help bloom the further development of our association, but the unity of Chinese kung fu in China, even in the world. True, strength is through unity.

Of course for the greater development, our association will seek more advice and encourage member with closer participation in respect of better consultation. Apart from Wing Chun, we are keen and sincere to attempt our best endeavor, depending on our ability, to motivate and promote other Chinese traditional kung fu altogether, with a view to establishing a holistic kung fu organization that will be consolidated with other Chinese traditional kung fu.

In fact, it is not easy to learn "good kung fu" since learning needs "money, time and interest". We understand it well students may not be able to keep on learning because of a certain reason and we are regretted. In the past, our association provided concession fee or free lessons to some students, but there are negative effect spread out from the beneficiaries, causing other students, who can afford, to partake of the free lessons. As to those students who are given free lessons, they do not value their opportunity, but learn with a sluggish attitude. Recently, our association has set up an attendance rule and has assigned a staff in charge of fee registration. Of course our old students are most welcome to visit us, or contact us at their convenience for a closer relationship with us.

Meanwhile, our association will implement and regulate a grading test (regulations are now at a review stage) – the foundation is set from "Grade 8 Ten Segment " in order to distinguish students' qualification and encourage them to set a goal in learning and inspire them to have ambition, leading a way to becoming an "Assistant Instructor". Eventually, students will become more positive in learning which will give a boost to our Chinese traditional culture of kung fu.

We sincerely solicit the following talents:
- Designer (trademark, uniform)
- Writer (good at Chinese writing)
- Writer (good at English writing)
- Website Designer (website design, with marketing promotion experience)
- Production of DVD / book publishing experience

We are pleased to receive the views in writing from all students (both new & old students) for reference.

6 October 2011

Dear Students and People who tend to learn Wing Chun Kung Fu:

Here I keep on disclosing my Kung Fu experiences to you step by step, liberally but irregularly; so it may be beneficial to you.

A) Importance of choosing a Sifu

To choose a multi-faceted Sifu, with solid experience and good morals, is essentially important.

Nowadays, everyone may think his own Sifu is the best, even the kung fu you have learned is also the best.

One day, if you find your Sifu is not of good virtues and artificial quality with superficial knowledge of Kung Fu, it will be too late to make a change since you have had close relationship with your Sifu. Because what you learned has been deep-rooted. In addition to spending much time and money, you may feel overwhelmingly perplexed to make a turn - turning to find another Sifu to learn from the beginning. Thus, it is essential to seriously know Sifu's background information before making a choice.

B) How to find a good Sifu

In the past, it might be by luck to have a good Sifu who might influence your whole life. Nowadays, with the advance of high-tech, to know clearly about the background information of your Sifu is not a matter of challenge. As you can surf the Net, CDs, or with a kung fu experienced friend, who may help you comprehend whether dragon or phoenix; true or false.

C) Requirements of a good Sifu

1. with good virtues;

2. with good knowledge of the respective Kung Fu;

3. with manifold knowledge of martial arts;

4. better have solid fight-exchange experience;

5. much better have publicly recognized qualification & senior generation;

6. with a commitment to nurturing next generation.

D) Requirements of Students

1. have talents

2. have interests

3. have time (diligence)

4. have boldness

5. have wisdom

* For those not eligible, more practice - practice makes perfect.

E) How to learn Wing Chun best

1. should have a good Sifu

2. should be respectful to Sifu

3. should comply with instructions

4. should be humble to learn

5. should be diligent to practise

(Example 1) Aims of Step by Step Progress

To learn Wing Chun in a better way, you should have patience, step by step in accordance with the instructions from Sifu, with no comparison with others. Because most instructors tend to teach students in a faster way in order to keep their students with them. This is not our way of teaching, not in compliance with our principles of teaching.

Nonetheless, students may not clearly understand the aims of step by step progress and how to learn Wing Chun to the best. In fact, it is of cardinal importance to have a good foundation - making step by step progress. Therefore, "Chum Kiu" and "Biu Tze" in this stage are not necessary.

We aim to teaching every student in the way that he/she may be trained up to the standard of a qualified instructor. We set a grading and levels of skills to students in accordance with an orderly priority learning of "Chum Kiu" and "Biu Tze".

For example, "Pak Sau", "Bong Sau", "Dan Chi Sau", "Luk Sau", "Zyun Sau - shfit hands", "Jip Sau", "Guo Sau", "During Siu Nim Tao", "Cannot move-forward", "Move-backward", "Slide Step" etc. - whenever you are on the horns of a dilemma in a fighting situation, you may be able to positively strike back. Having practiced all these skills for some time, your foundation of Wing Chun will be equipped up, running smoothly with stronger foundation towards faster progress. It helps comply with the concept of solid foundation of Kung Fu.

However, if we firstly teach you "Chum Kiu", you will rely on the step skills of "Chum Kiu" for defence, regardless of manipulating the solid foundation skills of Wing Chun. One day, if you are in a challenging dilemma of fighting, you will be easily suffered from resistance.

(Transcript 1) A Certificate of Instructor: just a sheet of paper

A certificate of Instructor is just a sheet of paper that you should not be over-relied since having one or two sheets of certificate does not matter. Probably, you can attain a certificate from an instructor with finite aptitude of Kung Fu. Some associations can also issue a certificate to you as long as they accept it themselves, whether you are qualified or not.

(Transcript 2) Wing Chun suitable for infinite fighting with bare hands

Wing Chun is only suitable for infinite fighting with bare hands, not for competition unless having peculiar training with specified scores.

(Transcript 3) Talking about Frying Fish

1. Frying fish with slow fish, good texture for appetite.

2. Frying fish with vigorous fire - superficially fried with inner uncooked (harmful to body, suffering from illness). So, it is essential to have well-functioned utensils. If the utensils are of poor quality, it is hard for cleansing. To fry fish with a great deal of oil, it is no good. So it is the same as your Sifu with finite Kung Fu. Even he has taught you hand in hand for ten years, it is useless.

(Transcript 4) Wing Chun - a kind of multi-faceted martial arts

Wing Chun is a kind of multi-faceted martial arts in the world, with little investment but big reward. It is famous for its prompt speed, vigorous violence and powerful force. Up to date, there are over millions of people learning Wing Chun in the world.

(Transcript 5)

With the promotional reports from the media, it helps to have people's concern about Wing Chun, which also draws the interests of more Hongkongers and people from the mainland to seek Sifu. Certainly, good instructors with solid and practical experience are fine; however, Sifu of superficial Kung Fu remains. Among Sifu, some may teach with truly traditional Wing Chun, but some mislead students.

(Transcript 6)

Wing Chun is not just to learn about "Siu Nim Tao", "Chum Kiu", "Biu Tze", "Wooden Dummy" etc. Actually, it is a kind of martial arts, with no boundary. As to the essence of "Chi Sau", all the skills of striking back against enemies come from the practice of "Chi Sau". Knowing the shift of hands or just "Kung Fu Kuen", without practical contents, is not helpful for defence.

(Transcript 7)

Most people, without good knowledge, tend to promote only the word of "Wing Chun", lacking experience and misleading others. Thus, those people who are capable of teaching Wing Chun should further develop and flourish it in the globe.

(Transcript 8)

To enhance Kung Fu, it does not just rest on listening, reading, watching videos, etc. In addition to having a good Sifu, you need to have talents, diligence, interests, better communication and more practical exchanges with others. Certainly, taking part in Kung Fu competition is one of the ways in gaining experiences.

How to see Kung Fu

1. If your opponent is in a state of quiescent condition, you can easily weigh the advantage and people may not see if you have true Kung Fu.

2. To take advantage of the pre-arranged actions against your opponent, also people may not see if you have true Kung Fu.

3. For a superior in figure against an inferior, people cannot possibly see if you have true Kung Fu.

4. For the shorter (weaker) overcomes the taller (stronger), people can see a bit of Kung Fu.

5. In the reality of fighting, to see a Sifu who is proficient in Wing Chun whether he is able to surpass his opponent, it depends entirely on the opponent's qualifications, inclusive of bodily shape, tall or short.